Friday 14 December 2007

Electrolux - another blow to manufacturing

As feared, this morning Electrolux issued a press release announcing the closure of its Spennymoor plant, which currently has about 500 staff.

It's telling that Electrolux put this UK plant under review, but didn't do the same to plants which were suffering greater losses in northern Europe. Could this be because of it's so much cheaper and easier and sack people here?

What an indictment for the neoliberal free-market madness pursued by Blair & Brown. The Spennymoor plant is in Blair's old constituency.


Anonymous said...

Well Ian here we are again a month later with the result of the viability investigation of Electrolux Spennymoor. This has made us realise how vunerable the manufacturing industry is in the U.K.especially the North East and how helpless we are to prevent it without the Governments help. It's not a very nice feeling to be going home today to tell my wife & family that i won't have job possibly by the middle of next year. The question i would like to ask is why the Government chooses to turn a blind eye to the problem and are leaving us reps feeling helpless and with not a lot of answers.

John F. Smith
Unite Work Place Rep.

jjc26 said...

I,ve just watched the local news reports and have seen grown men crying on television.How much longer are we going to have to wait until this"Labour" government gives us the backing to defend manufacturing in this country.