Friday 25 April 2014

UNITE Executive Council election results 2014

The report from the Independent Scrutineer is out, so unless the Returning Officer, who is investigating a number of issues, overturns any of the results, this is the outcome of the election.

The new EC takes office from 1 May for a three year term.

East Midlands

  • Steve Hibbert Elected Unopposed
  • June Shepherd Elected Unopposed
Ireland (turnout 5.1%)
  • Jimmy Neil 1706 Elected
  • Terese Moloney 1493 Elected
  • Trevor McDowell 1260
  • Tracey Osment 1235
London & Eastern (turnout 6.0%)
  • Brian Holmes 7152 Elected
  • Richard Allday 6562 Elected
  • Liam O'Gara 6125
  • Kwasi Agyemang-Prempeh 5024 Elected (BAEM)
  • Joe Welch 4909
  • Lizanne Malone Elected Unopposed
North East, Yorkshire & Humberside (turnout 5.6%)
  • Steve Miller 3129 Elected
  • Nigel Atkinson 2174
  • Glyn Williams 1750
  • Kate Osborne Elected Unopposed
North West
  • Barry Knowles Elected Unopposed
  • Fran Sullivan Elected Unopposed
  • Tony Woodhouse Elected Unopposed
Scotland (turnout 5.5%)
  • Davy Brockett 3947 Elected
  • Eddie Cassidy 2126
  • Dawn McAllister Elected Unopposed
South East (turnout 5.9%)
  •  Joyce Still 2525 Elected
  • Mark Wood 2468 Elected
  • Jan Bastable 1910
  • Gordon Lean 1875
South West
  • Jayne Taylor Elected Unopposed
  • Mark Thomas Elected Unopposed
Wales (turnout 6.0%)
  • Danny Coleman 1464 Elected
  • John James 1351
  • Ian Smith 1001
  • Wendy Gilligan Elected Unopposed
West Midlands (turnout 5.0%)
  •  Maggie Ryan 3513 Elected
  • Mick Forbes 2615 Elected
  • Katie Whittam 1970
  • Julian Allam 1960 Elected (BAEM)
  • Mark Thompson 1565
  • Martin Hartnett 1560
Aerospace and Shipbuilding
  • Phil Entwistle Elected Unopposed
  • Tam Mitchell Elected Unopposed
Automotive Industries (turnout 5.7%)
  •  Kenneth Smith 2167 Elected
  • John Cooper 1927 Elected
  • Chris Bond 1569
  • Martin Lydon 984
  • Pete Russell 894
Building, Construction and Allied Trades (turnout 6.0%)
  • John Sheridan 1449 Elected
  • Meurig Thomas 1069
Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Process and Textiles
  • Mark Lyon Elected Unopposed
  • John Storey Elected Unopposed
Civil Air Transport
  • Jas Gill Elected Unopposed
  • Sharon Owens Elected Unopposed
  • Nigel Stott Elected Unopposed
Community, Youth Workers and Not For Profit (turnout 8.1%)
  • Jackie McLeod 2049 Elected
  • Kingsley Abrams 1250
Docks, Rail, Ferries and Waterways (turnout 7.7%)
  • Andy Green 724 Elected
  • Steve Biggs 551
Education (turnout 7.5%)
  • Paula Burr 470 Elected
  • Chris Goodwin 353
  • Chris Marlow 217
  • John Wiseman 216
Energy and Utilities (turnout 6.6%)
  • Dave Whitnall 1056 Elected
  • Tim Davison 1030
Finance and Legal (turnout 3.2%)
  • Lindsey Adams 1739 Elected
  • Agnes Tolmie 1680 Elected
  • Jane Lewis 1345
Food, Drink and Tobacco (turnout 4.3%)
  • Tracey Ashworth 2436 Elected
  • Dennis Wilson 1995 Elected
  • Ansaar Khaliq 1323 Elected
  • Neelam Verma 1304
General Engineering, Manufacturing and Servicing (turnout 5.8%)
  • Brenda Pleasants 2481 Elected
  • Paul Welsh 2412 Elected
  • Ross Quonn 1895
  • John Clarke 1726
  • Howard Percival 848
Graphical Paper Media and Information Technology (turnout 5.4%)
  • Ged Dempsey 1558 Elected
  • Tom Murphy 1311 Elected
  • Dave Lovelidge 1006
  • Raffiq Moosa 798
Health (turnout 5.3%)
  • Ruth Greene 3607 Elected
  • Frank Wood 2376 Elected
  • Debbie Wilkinson 1981
Local Authorities (turnout 6.1%)
  • Jennifer Elliot 2410 Elected
  • Dick Banks 1853 Elected
  • Bridie McCreesh 1443
  • David Mathieson 1384
Metals (turnout 6.5%)
  • David Bowyer 898 Elected
  • Dave Rochester 414
MOD and Government Departments (turnout 8.4%)
  • Chris Cadman 629 Elected
  • David James Trigger MBE 242
  • Timmy (Tim) Elford 173
Passenger Transport (turnout 6.1%)
  • James Mitchell 3066 Elected
  • Simon Rosenthal 2552 Elected
  • Salam Taj 1979
  • Mo Aslam Malik 1204
Road Transport Commercial Logistics and Retail Distribution
  • Gary Hillier Elected Unopposed
  • Dave Williams Elected Unopposed
Rural and Agriculture
  • Ivan Monckton Elected Unopposed
Women's National Seat (turnout 4.2%)
  • Jane Stewart 8304 Elected
  • Lucy Thomson 3799
Black, Asian and ethnic minority National Seat (turnout 5.1%)
  • Mohammad Taj 1637 Elected
  • Patrick D'Cruz 1222
  • Golam Bhuiyan 803
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Trangender National Seat (turnout 5.5%)
  • Jenny Douglas 20603 Elected
  • Lesley Mansell 16751
  • Mark "Pasty" Turner 14101
Disabled Members National Seat
  • Se├ín McGovern Elected Unopposed

Thursday 17 April 2014

Report from UNITE Special Executive meeting, 17th April 2014

The special Executive Council (EC) meeting dealt with two agenda items only.

Will PCS join UNITE?
Informal discussions have been taking place between UNITE and PCS over a possible “transfer of engagements”, which would mean PCS joining UNITE rather than a merger.

Len presented the following report:

Following a decision of the Executive Council, informal talks have been taking place with PCS on exploring a transfer of that union’s engagements into Unite.

Unite’s team has included the Chair of the Executive Council, executive officers and senior lay colleagues.  PCS’s team has been led by its General Secretary and has included lay EC members.  The talks have covered the constitutional, industrial, political and administrative questions which would arise from joining Unite.

Separately, the Executive Director for Finance has met his opposite number at PCS to consider financial, pension and property issues.

On this basis, there seems to be no impediment to opening formal talks on a transfer of engagements which would bring PCS into Unite.  Specifically:

  • No significant revision of Unite’s rules would be required and the transfer of engagements will be on the basis of our existing rule book.
  • Subject to the resolution of pensions issues between PCS and the Pensions Regulator, there are no obvious financial issues that would obstruct a transfer (due diligence will nevertheless have to be completed before any final agreement is brought before the Council).
  • No change to Unite’s political affiliations will be sought or considered in the context of the formal discussions
  • Short-term transitional arrangements will suffice to ensure the full and complete integration of the PCS membership into Unite’s existing structures
In this context, and bearing in mind the significant industrial, organisational and political advantages that would accrue to Unite as a result of such a transfer, in terms above all of the consolidation of fighting trade unionism across the public sector, it is recommended that authority be given to open formal talks with PCS to that end.

Following a discussion, the EC agreed to authorise formal negotiations with PCS.  Len McCluskey was at pains to point out that this does not mean that the transfer will necessarily take place – there is lots to sort out and both unions will have issues and concerns that need to be addressed.  Len was clear that he didn’t expect to see a change to UNITE’s timetable for internal elections and conference (PCS do this annually rather than on a 3 or 2 year cycle), nor to UNITE’s affiliation to the Labour Party.  EC members were keen to avoid another period of major turmoil as experienced in some previous mergers.

Len expects that if it all goes smoothly, the timetable might be something along these lines:

  • UNITE EC kept informed about negotiations, consultation particularly with public sector membership but also sectors such as GPM&IT which overlap with the PCS Commercial sector
  • Report on progress to PCS conference in late May, seeking approval to call a special conference later in the year
  • Once there is a specific proposal, UNITE EC decides whether to proceed
  • PCS special conference around July-August decides whether to ballot PCS members
  • PCS ballots its membership around September
  • PCS joins UNITE from January 2015
Sale of Esher Place

UNITE had received a substantial offer to purchase Esher Place, one of our residential training centres.  In a lengthy discussion it was clear that many EC members had concerns and unanswered questions about the proposed sale, and it was agreed to leave the proposal on the table.

Monday 14 April 2014

Voting nears end in UNITE Executive Council elections

The ballot closes at noon on 23rd April so make sure members have sent off their ballot papers.

There are elections for seats for industrial sectors, regions and equalities.  I've posted more about the election here.  In my own GPM&IT sector I'm encouraging members to vote for Ged Dempsey.

Today (Monday 14 April) is the day from which any members who haven't received their ballot papers should contact the ballot enquiry service.

Thursday 10 April 2014

Amendments to motions for Unite Policy Conference 2014

Branches and constitutional committees can submit one amendment to a policy conference motion.  Amendments have to go in by both email and post, on the proper form, and be received by Friday 23rd May 2014.

The preliminary agenda, including all the motions, is here.

IBM Pension closure successfully challenged in court

Good news for workers seeking to defend pensions - with a High Court ruling against IBM over the closure of their final salary pension scheme to future accrual.  The core of the ruling is that the way the pension scheme was closed breached the contractual duty of trust and confidence.

The ruling is here.  There are many reports online, including from the legal team for the pension fund trustee, Professional Pensions and Employee Benefits.

IBM has already said it intends to appeal.