Sunday 25 January 2009

"BBC - Shame on You" - Gaza Appeal

Yesterday I joined the protest outside the BBC in Manchester about their outrageous decision to ban the appeal from the Disaster Emergency Committee for aid for the Gaza crisis.

Extending "impartiality" to being impartial between life and death is a step too far. As Tony Benn pointed out, people will die as a result of this decision.

Benn has been magnificent on this issue, even managing to make the appeal on BBC news when they were trying to interview him about banning it. The clip is below:


Anonymous said...

Well said Ian. The EU and America participated in blocking aid and forcing sanctions on the people of Gaza when Hamas were elected. The BBC has now decided to add its own sanctions to this list. Let us not forget that these poor people of Gaza have had there power station bombed, there (supposedly) UN safe havens shelled, there water supply bombed and even there sewage works destroyed. Perhaps the BBC was thinking that Hamas might resort to making missiles out of shit. Jokes aside, if the BBC wants to remain impartial then maybe it should start reporting on the numerous UN resolutions Israel has shunned and blatantly ignored over the years. Lest us not forget that this is the second time that Israel has committed crimes against humanity, the flattened the West Bank town of Jenin in 2002, making tend of thousands homeless. Did it stop Hamas getting into power a few years later? As long Israel’s and America’s barbarisms’ continue it will only fuel the fire of extremism.

Anonymous said...

Well said Ian. Shame on the BBC. Well done channel 4 on the great coverage during the Israeli attack on Gaza. I used to believe in what the BBC say and broadcast but not anymore. It is a politically motivated and biased channel to me now!