Friday 11 December 2009

UNITE announces Fujitsu strike dates

UNITE has issued the official notice of action for strikes and action short of strike from 18th December across Fujitsu in the UK as part of the campaign over Jobs, Pay and Pensions.

UNITE has also issued a press release focussing on the protest planned outside Fujitsu's London HQ on 18th December.

There's an appeal for support leaflet and collection sheet available from


Anonymous said...

Well I guess its Xmas and you are certainly a turkey voting for it. Your strike action will destroy our competitiveness and mean we lose sales. Dont suppose you care much about jobs at Fujitsu as you are clearly absorbed in your political career in Unite - which will cost jobs at Fujitsu. Wake up - there is a recession on.

Ian said...

If you don't have a reasoned argument, you can always fall back on playing the man, not the ball.

This isn't about me.

Members voted by 83% to reject the company offer, because it contains little of substance on jobs, pay and pensions. Nobody wants to take industrial action, but when senior management won't listen, many feel they have little option. Perhaps instead of blaming UNITE for the situation, our senior management should take some responsibility for sorting it out?

For what it's worth, what you "suppose" proves that you don't actually know anything about my personal situation, and that your comment is pure prejudice.

Ian Seddon said...

Why do posters like the one above go Anonymous - the only normal reason would be if someone was nervous about "attacking" their employer in a post. However this person hasn't and still hides behind the anonymous cloak.
This dispute is about protecting workers conditions of employment and giving them a future, the company can afford it and won't cost jobs or competiveness at all - they have chosen to end certain things because they want to, in order to make more money than they already do.
And to attack a hard working trade unionist like Ian is very poor, if he and his comrades had just accepted what was on the table perhaps you would be complaining then too? It's the old chestnut from people who attack trade unionists for doing their job.
And finally yes there is a "recession on" and companies are being very opportunistic now in trying to make the most of it by attacking pensions and working conditions - I'm sure a house burglar could say the same to you but would it make it right?

John Gray said...

Hi Ian

I think anon's stupid comments means that your senior management are worried.

Good luck on Friday!