Friday 22 April 2011

Red tape or justice? The threat to employment rights

We already have some of the worst employment legislation in the developed world, thanks to New Labour's failure to repeal anti-union legislation and its continual pandering to the big-business lobby. But while New Labour failed to do much to help working people, the cabinet of Con-Dem millionaires has no such scruples about helping their class.

Employment Tribunals have never provided justice. The starkest example is the fact that a tribunal can order an employer to reinstate someone who they unfairly dismissed, but the employer is free to defy that order and pay (inadequate) compensation instead. If someone steals property, rather than someone's job, they are expected to give it back - but the law treats a worker's livelihood as far less important than property.

But the Tories and their Lib-Dem supporters want to make things even worse. They regard it as unfair, unreasonable "red-tape" that an employer who unfairly dismisses an employee can be legally challenged at all, and want to remove this meagre protection from around 3 million workers who have been employed for between one and two years.

That's 3 million more reasons to kick out this rotten government.

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