Monday 23 May 2011

Support CSC workers in Denmark

Members of the PROSA trade union in Denmark are in dispute over attacks on their terms and conditions which equate to a 30% pay cut. You can send a message of protest to CSC's boss here.

All the big multinational companies try to put pressure on pay and benefits by playing off one country against another. So it is outrageous that some CSC workers in the UK report pressure from the company to go over to Denmark to undermine the campaign of the workers here. It is obvious that if Danish workers get a worse deal, that will only increase the pressure for cuts here too.

The only way to defend pay and conditions here is to stand up to any bullying, and stand by our colleagues in Denmark.


Anonymous said...

These CSC employees are on extra high wages and have excellant packages in relation to holiday entitlement.

Ian said...

Good for them! Let's hope they can keep it that way for all our sakes.

Anonymous said...

Making themselves unemployable and will ultimately be without a job as the division will not be able to compete in the market. Still as long as you are ok Ian. Typical lefty clap trap.

Ian said...

Anonymous strikes again with an (un)reasoned argument. The logic of this would be simply to accept the race to the bottom and all end up working for peanuts - with no more jobs.

This action is what the staff in Denmark have voted for - they are the people who understand their situation best - and our industry is far from strike-prone. People have to pushed very hard to be prepared to take strike action - a last resort.