Wednesday 15 June 2011

Third day of UNITE Rules Conference

Rule 19 Funds
A1 Annual financial report to include an audited account of all officers and organisers remuneration and details of departmental and regional spending, campaign costs and other significant expenditure. CARRIED
A2 EC to publish an annual report detailing the pay, benefits and expenses of senior officers and staff. CARRIED

Rule 20 Assets and Trustee Provision
A1 Add specific controls on residential property owned by the union. LOST

Rule 22 Political Organisation - The Labour Party

A2 Turn Political Committees into Labour Party Liaison Committees. LOST
A3 Prevents UNITE supporting any party other than the Labour Party in Northern Ireland and encourages affiliations to Labour. This is a very significant policy change carried by 53% despite the fact that the issue is highly contentious in the Irish Region, which is in the process of debating its political approach. CARRIED
A4 Would give branches a share of the political fund. LOST
A5 Withdraw support and question membership of Labour MPs who consistently oppose union policy. LOST
A6 Move coordination of political work from the Political Committees to the industrial and geographical structures. Only give financial support to candidates who broadly support union policies. LOST (the vote was exactly tied!)

Rule 23 Political Fund

Rule 24 Ireland
A1 Would allow the Irish Executive Committee to appoint subcommittees from beyond its own membership. LOST
A2 Replicate Irish structure in Scotland. REMITTED

Rule 27 Membership Discipline
A2 Union employees dismissed after being found guilty of causing harm or detriment to the union or a union member will not be allowed to retire early or draw their pension before normal retirement age. CARRIED

Rule 28 New Rule - Membership Complaints Procedure
A2 Replace the member complaints procedure recently introduced by the EC with a new one in rule. LOST

Enabling Motion
"That the necessary conseqential action in regard to the amendments carried by the Conference be referred to the Executive Council for administrative action and implementation as appropriate". CARRIED

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