Monday 2 July 2012

Emergency Motions from UNITE Policy Conference 2012

A few people have been in touch asking for the text of the Emergency Motions discussed last week.

I've scanned Emergency Motions 1-13 and posted them here.

As they were scattered across the days of conference, I've gathered the decisions on them here:

  • Emergency Motion 1 Carcinogenic Diesel Engine Exhaust: Carried
  • Emergency Motion 2 Coup d'etat in Paraguay: Carried
  • Emergency Motion 3 National Collective Bargaining: Carried
  • Emergency Motion 4 Withdrawal of Tax Credits for Strikers: Carried
  • Emergency Motion 5 London Bus Strike injunctions: Carried
  • Emergency Motion 6 Egypt: Carried
  • Emergency Motion 8 Legal Aid Bill: Carried
  • Emergency Motion 10 A Tax On Young People: Carried
  • Emergency Motion 11 Hidden Agenda of the Localism Bill: Carried
  • Emergency Motion 14 Failure to Negotiate on NHS Pensions: Carried
The remainder were remitted to the Executive Council for consideration along with other business that had not been dealt with when conference closed:
  • Emergency Motion 7 Labour & Immigration
  • Emergency Motion 9 Remploy
  • Emergency Motion 12 Spanish Miners General Strike
  • Emergency Motion 13 Closure of Coryton Oil Refinery
Update: A colleague has kindly sent me the text of Emergency Motion 14 Failure to Negotiate on NHS Pensions:

This conference deplores the action taken by the Secretary of State for Health: he has written to the Chair of the Staff-side for NHS Pensions Schemes effectively imposing the Government proposals on NHS pensions in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In his letter dated 27th June 2012, he states;

“It is a matter of regret that two unions are still engaging in industrial action. They are also aware that the reason they can take this action without the Government withdrawing this offer is because of the responsible stance taken by the majority of NHS unions in their member’s interests. It is difficult to see how these unions can participate in partnership working implementing the new scheme whilst they are going down the route of confrontation.”

This appears to be misleading and untrue, we condemn this action. We ask the Executive Council to hold immediate talks with the TUC and other Health Sector unions to demand the full negotiation recommences with all recognised Trade Unions.

This Draconian approach will otherwise affect all current Public Sector union negotiations

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