Friday 20 December 2013

UNITE Executive Council elections

I previously posted details of the elections to the UNITE Executive Council that will begin in the New Year.

The December EC meeting decided how to ensure that enough seats were designated for BAEM members to ensure their representation was at least proportional:

  • One national BAEM seat
  • One of the seats in the London & Eastern Region
  • One of the seats from the Passenger sector
  • One additional BAEM seat for the Civil Air Transport sector
  • One additional BAEM seat for the West Midlands region
  • One additional BAEM seat for the Food, Drink & Tobacco sector
I have served on the union executive for ten years, which has been an honour and a privilege.  I have found it useful and I hope I have made a contribution to the union as a whole, and for members in my industrial sector in particular.  However, ten years is a long time and I am not intending to seek nomination for the EC this time.  To paraphrase Tony Benn, I'm stepping down to spend more time on trade unionism.  For me, the most important part of the union is in the workplace.

If members in the GPM&IT sector are seeking nomination for our two sector seats on the Executive Council and send me details, I'd be happy to post details here.

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Colin Walker said...

Thanks for your efforts on the EC Ian. You have indeed played an influential role in shaping our sector and will be missed from this leading role. I hope you keep this blog going and that you continue to play a lead role on the ground as it were!