Friday 27 May 2016

Unite Executive Guidance on Strike Pay

Our Executive Council has issued new guidance on strike pay and criteria for application for additional payments. I can send a copy to UNITE members on request.

An important point from the EC guidance is that applications for payments should be made via the Regional Officer or National Officer organising and overseeing the dispute or lockout. The request then goes via the relevant Regional Secretary or Assistant General Secretary to the General Secretary. There must be specific reasons for any application for increased strike pay and it must be demonstrated that it is an integral part of a detailed strategic plan to win the dispute.

So if you are contemplating industrial action, make sure you discuss with the relevant officer well in advance, work out your "plan to win", and get any applications in. The standard strike pay of £35 a day is clearly a huge help for members taking action, and the ability of the Executive Council Disputes Committee to authorise additional strike pay where appropriate is even better. It helps for employers contemplating pushing members into dispute to know that we have a strike fund that must by now be nearing £30m.


Unknown said...

Hi, can you send me the new guidance please. Thanks

Ian said...

You'll need to contact me with some contact details - I don't know who you are or how to send it to you.