Monday 22 August 2016

An attempt to split the United Left

The United Left is the dominant faction within UNITE, including both General Secretary Len McCluskey and a majority of the union's Executive Council. It appears from the letter below that there is an attempt to split the United Left in Scotland, a move that would have significance across the union as a whole. Given that people are naturally reluctant to split such successful groupings, any such split is likely to be over an important issue, but the letter doesn't say what that is.

United Left Scotland members

It has been brought to the attention of the United Left Scotland committee that someone or a group have called a meeting for the 27th August at Renfield St Stephens Centre, Bath St., Glasgow, claiming to be United Left Scotland.

Please be aware that the group calling themselves United Left Scotland 2016 are bogus and do not represent the views of the one and only United Left Scotland and the Co-ordinator's Committee that was democratically elected at our AGM in June. We have alerted the chair of the national United left and, whilst there are no names attached to the United left Scotland 2016 email, we are attempting to identify the source and urge them to stop going ahead with this divisive approach.

Three members of our Co-ordinator's Committee attended a meeting of The National Co-ordinator's Committee on the 23rd July in Manchester where the ULS AGM was recognised and the decisions taken, endorsed, unequivocally.

This attempt to create a split using the United Left Scotland name is both outrageous and insulting, and one in which members, who wish to concentrate on our political and industrial priorities, for our union, in a unified and dignified manner, should ignore.

Meanwhile on a more positive note, the committee have met twice since the AGM and as agreed at the AGM have made progress in arranging a post EU event in partnership with a number of other like minded organisations. The flyer for this event will be circulated in next few days please hold date of 17th September.

We have also set up a United Left Scotland Facebook Group and encourage you to join this Facebook group. Insert link.

In solidarity

Jim Harte

Chair, United Left Scotland

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