Thursday 15 May 2008

Proposed UNITE rulebook

On 24th April the UNITE "Joint Executive Council" (JEC) approved a draft rulebook. The new Executive Council which took office on 1st May will have to put this to a ballot of members this summer, with the expectation that it comes into force in November 2008.

You can download the proposed rules here. I haven't yet had a chance to compare them to the earlier draft which I previously commented on.

I found out a bit more today about the proposed rule on branches. Firstly, the assumption seems to be that all retired members would all be put in separate "Retired Members Association" branches. Secondly, the TGWU General Executive Council (GEC) had been given assurances that the wording in 17.1 "Wherever possible, Branches shall be based on the workplace, although provision shall also be made for local Branches and National Industrial Branches as appropriate and as approved by the Executive Council" meant local industrial branches and national industrial branches, not local general branches and national industrial branches. If this is so, I imagine there will be sighs of relief from industrial branches in construction, health, IT, finance, voluntary sectors - but concerns from those in local general geographical branches.

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