Friday 12 September 2008

Fujitsu NHS redundancies

Apologies for not posting for a while, I've been extremely busy dealing with a potential redundancy situation at Fujitsu, where I work.

On 20th June the company put 672 staff at risk, following the termination of its contract to supply IT services to the NHS (after the company withdrew from talks to renegotiate the contract).

The numbers at risk have fallen significantly thanks to redeployment and some ongoing work. However, there are still a couple of hundred people at risk, the first of whom are due to be made redundant on 18th September.

The locations most affected don't have union recognition yet, which has made things much harder. Nonetheless there is no doubt that UNITE has achieved a great deal. As a recent UNITE newsletter within the company asked, could compulsory redundancies have been avoided altogether of the locations most affected had been well unionised?

This week I attended a meeting with the Health Minister, Ben Bradshaw, in a last ditch attempt to save more of the jobs. You can read the UNITE press release here.

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