Monday 22 September 2008

A weekend of demonstrations

The Labour Party conference is in town, and for those of us who live in Manchester it means traffic and parking problems - and lots of demonstrations.

On Saturday I joined the Stop the War Coalition demonstration to the Labour Party conference. I thought this was an important - not only do we have the US trying to impose its power on various weaker countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, but now with the conflict in Georgia the eastward expansion of NATO is leading to increasing conflict between major powers. A worrying world indeed.

This artistic collaboration between demonstrators and police summed up how many felt:

On Sunday I joined the UNITE demonstration over public sector pay. I think this issue is important for all trade unionists - not just those in the public sector, as it is the sharp end of the argument that working people should pay for the current economic crisis - even though it has clearly been caused by the greed of the bankers.

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