Monday 10 November 2008

Fighting redundancies

I understand the ballot for industrial action among UNITE members at Steria in Manchester closed today, but I haven't heard the result yet.

Let's hope the delays of the painful balloting process haven't undermined people's confidence to fight. The United Campaign to Repeal the Anti-Trade Union Laws reports on the debates and vote in parliament on amendments intended to take small steps in this direction. The vote itself was on an amendment relating to making the ballot process less of a minefield. The campaign's report highlights this as the biggest revolt of Labour MPs under Brown's leadership, with 45 Labour MPs voting to slightly improve workers' rights. While this is quite an achievement for campaigners, it is also an indictment of the Parliamentary Labour Party that there were so few. Perhaps the headline for the story should have been "45 MPs find backbone"?

Meanwhile another tragedy is unfolding for manufacturing in Manchester, with the threatened closure of Rolls Royce Crossley Engines - already a shadow of its former self.

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