Monday 10 November 2008

Nominating Laurence Faircloth for UNITE Joint General Secretary

I'm pleased to see that there's now a proper leaflet out seeking nominations for Laurence Faircloth, the candidate backed by Amicus Unity Gazette, the broad left in our union. It gives the lie to the claim by Derek Simpson that there are no policy differences between the candidates.

My own branch decided unanimously to nominate Laurence at its meeting last week.


The Badger said...

Bearing in mind that Laurence Faircloth has now withdrawn his nomination and thrown his support behind the incumbent, what is the Gazette's position on this?

Ian said...

The Gazette has not come out in support of any of the remaining candidates.

Personally, I think that Jerry is the only remaining left candidate and I am supporting him, despite reservations about the court case, his campaign etc.

Reuter and Coyne are clearly from the right-wing. Simpson had launched a new right-wing faction (Workers Uniting) along with Coyne which seems to have broken up straight away because they both want the job. He has attacked Coyne for standing when they don't disagree on anything. Maybe he saw this as a negative about Coyne. Personally, I see it as a negative about Simpson!