Sunday 2 August 2009

Pensions fight hots up - IBM & Fujitsu

If the posts to the "Association of Members of IBM UK Pension Plans" forums are anything to go by, there is an astonishing growth of union membership at IBM, once a bastion of non-unionism.

It's good to see UNITE working to ensure that this builds organisation, not just membership, with UNITE meetings open to all IBM staff organised for:

  • 7pm on Wed 5th Aug, in the Holiday Inn (M3 junction 13), Leigh Road, Eastleigh, S050 9PG.
  • Midlands on Thu 6th or Fri 7th Aug.
  • A meeting in Scotland is being also discussed.

Meanwhile we at Fujitsu start our consultative industrial action ballot over pay and pensions this week. If you'd like to send us a message of support, click on the link below to see the email address:

I'm pleased to say that our sister union in Fujitsu, PCS, is balloting its members too - unity is strength!

For more information about our campaign, see


Anonymous said...

This is bigger than pensions. It is about the total erosion of the workplace and the manner in which execs can easily cut "cost" whilst lining their own pockets. Fight on tooth and nail, as a disgusted IBMer I am behind you.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to all the Fujitsu employees from a betrayed IBMer. These immoral executives are acting exactly like the robber barons of old. It is up to all of us to stand up to these abhorent individuals. I have never known such hatred for senior management as is now being expressed in our offices. Unite and fight. We are all in this together.

Ian said...

Update on the IBM meetings around the country here

Ian said...

Midlands meeting details

Anonymous said...

Hi Ian

Over 250 people attended the meeting in Eastleigh this week.
The room was booked for 100. it was standing room only.
A few dozen people have indicated they would be happy to form an organising group to coordinate activities.
Advise contacts to speak to the Unite officer in Southampton

Anonymous said...

It is time to stand up and be counted. As a long term IBM employee I have never had the need to join a Union, but things have changed - I am now ashamed to be associated with IBM and have joined hundreds of my UK colleagues in joining Unite ... There is no longer any respect for the individual at IBM, we are being treated as "numbers" and being shafted by IBM Execs. We shall be watching the Fujitsu action carefully and give you our support.

Anonymous said...

If Oliver Cromwell were alive, I'm sure he would disolve this government for betraying the people that it represents! The implications of what are happening to our pensions need to be recognised by this governemnt. Along with us, our children and future generations, we are all ultimately going to pay the price of the greed fuelled captains of industry and government.

I'd like to see a very public demonstration of all the employees from each company whose pensions are being stolen to feed the greed of the unethical few! Outside Parliament would seem like a good place.