Sunday 2 August 2009

UNITE conference dates

Despite the last EC meeting (nearly a month ago now) agreeing to my proposal that the dates and arrangements for all the conferences etc should be posted on the union web site, this still hasn't happened as far as I can see, even though some conferences have already been held.

These are the dates I've been told so far for the EEE sector Regional Industrial Sector Conferences are:

  • North East, Yorks & Humber: UPDATE: 10th September 2009
  • Wales: 14th September 2009
  • North West: 15th September 2009
  • South West: 16th September 2009
  • West Midlands: 17th September 2009
  • South East: 19th September 2009 (NB: union web site says 12th September, so worth checking)
  • East Midlands: 21st September 2009
  • Ireland: 24th September 2009
  • London & Eastern: TBC
  • Scotland: TBC
If you get any updates, please let me know and I'll post them here to encourage attendance.

I haven't got any of the dates for the IT & Communications sector yet.

Update on ITC Regional Industrial Sector Conferences (from UNITE web site):
  • South West: 7th September 2009
  • Wales: 7th September 2009
  • West Midlands: 8th September 2009
  • South East: 19th September 2009
  • East Midlands: 21st September 2009
  • North East, Yorkshire & Humber: 21st September 2009

For details of the constituencies etc for the conferences, please see my report from the July EC meeting.

In the North West, I've also heard:
  • Manchester Area Activists: 10th September 2009
  • NW Disabled Conference: 7th October 2009
  • NW Women's Conference: 8th October 2009
  • NW Black & Minority Ethnic (BAME) Conference: 9th October 2009
  • NW LGBT Conference: 12th October 2009


Ian said...

Coincidence or not, I'm pleased to see some of the conference dates have finally started appearing on the union web site here.

jjc26 said...

Hi Ian,North East+Yorks EEE conference is on 10/9 at Unite offices Leeds

Ian said...

Thanks John - I've updated the post.