Thursday 7 June 2012

Manchester Area Activists Committee

I attended the Manchester Area Activists Committee (AAC) meeting today - here are some of the key points:

  1. There is an urgent need for training (and possibly a handbook) for branch officers to be in place for when the new term of office starts on 1 July.  A remit had been sent to the region some time ago.  Delegates felt branch administration processes should be consistent nationally so training would be best dealt with nationally.  I was asked to bring this up at the EC meeting next week.
  2. The decision of the last North-West Regional Committee to write to all reps to advise of the need for workplace elections has still not yet been implemented, though an email had gone out yesterday to officers in the region.
  3. The AAC decided to organise an open meeting in late July for branch officers about how to perform their roles in the new UNITE set-up.
  4. The AAC agreed that the date of the next open Area Activists Meeting would be brought forward to 7pm on 17th July at the UNITE Salford office.
  5. The AAC agreed to to write to all the "community members" in Greater Manchester to explain that the meeting on 17th July will discuss setting up a community branch in Greater Manchester and to invite those who are interested in helping run it to come along.
  6. There was a discussion about the TUC's national demonstration on 20 October in London and it was agreed to "initiate an open organising meeting in the next few weeks to build the maximum turnout for 20 October from Greater Manchester and to approach other unions, trades councils and campaign groups to take part".
  7. The Manchester Area Activists Conference (which will elect the committee for the next three year term) is open to all UNITE's "accountable representatives of workers" in the area and will take place at 6pm on 27th September at the Salford office.  The new committee will have its first meeting immediately after that.
  8. It was agreed to support and publicise the Unite Against Fascism demonstration against the EDL and BNP in Rochdale on Saturday.
  9. There were reports about ongoing industrial issues at Thomas Cook and in construction.

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Ian said...

For anyone planning to go to the open Manchester Area Activists Meeting tomorrow - please note that due to the invitations not being sent out it has been postponed and is being rearranged.