Monday 5 November 2012

Help for UNITE Branch Officers

I hear from lots of UNITE branch officers who are struggling to do their job under the new arrangements for branches - largely because of a lack of information.

The North-West region has produced a helpful branch officers' pack which includes:

  1. Branch finances
  2. Example rules and Standing Orders for branches
  3. Trades Council affiliations
  4. Accessing the branch secretaries' portal (or membership portal)
  5. Education
  6. Community membership
  7. Legal & affiliated services
  8. UNITE merchandise
  9. Applying for a UNITE email address
Most of the information would be equally applicable for branch officers in other regions.

1 comment:

Ian said...

The branch portal is now available to branch Chairs and Treasurers as well as to Secretaries:

If you've got a log-in for My Unite that will get you in if you're recorded as being a branch officer.