Saturday 10 November 2012

Officer accountability

Executive Council (EC) members have now been sent a list of UNITE officers and which lay committees they are accountable to, in line with the new rule introduced at the 2011 Rules Conference, which gave the EC the power to:

14.8.5 Determine one or more constitutional committees of lay members to which
each officer employed by the Union shall report and be accountable and
ensure that the list of these allocation sis available to members.

I'll happily send the full list to UNITE members on request, but here are the ones for the IT & Comms sector Regional Industrial Sector Committees (RISCs):

  1. East Midlands: Nigel Hadfield
  2. Ireland: G Scott (Northern Ireland), D Mahon (Republic of Ireland)
  3. London & Eastern: Mike Eatwell
  4. North East, Yorkshire & Humberside: Christian Ratcliffe
  5. North West: Phil Allman
  6. Scotland: Gillian McKay
  7. South East: Colin Rose
  8. South West: C Starling
  9. Wales: Bryan Apsley
  10. West Midlands: R Storry

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