Wednesday 19 June 2013

National demo to defend the NHS, 29th September

The Tories and their Lib-Dem props are ripping the NHS to shreds with cuts, reorganisation and privatisation - actions that were in no manifesto and nobody voted for.  Many of those who backed the changes in parliament have links to private healthcare that wants to profit from ill health.

It's a crime that there was no national demo when the Health & Social Care Bill was going through parliament, but the huge local protests around the country show that people are prepared to come out and defend the NHS.

Now UNITE, along with UNISON and GMB are building a national protest to Save the NHS on 29th September in Manchester, when the Tories are holding their conference.

Everyone should be there.  The UNITE web site now has a page where you can sign-up to pledge to join the march on 29th September.  UNITE should be organising trains and coaches from round the country - there is no time to lose.

If you're in a well-organised workplace you should be building a large delegation for the march.  If you're in a less organised workplace, what better opportunity to get people involved - many non-members will support this campaign too.

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