Saturday 17 May 2014

Two good reasons to vote on 22 May

Many people feel uninspired by the Euro and local elections taking place on 22 May.

Labour is so dismal that a recent poll had the Tories in the lead, despite the big drop in living standards, cuts in services and privatisaion of the NHS they have overseen.  The Lib Dems will be punished for their lies on student fees and for propping up the Tory government.  And the Tories are the usual selves - friends to the rich and powerful - looking after themselves and their mates.  They are even talking about introducing a ban on workers striking unless at least 50% vote for it in slow and legalistic postal ballots.  On this basis, not a single MP would have been elected (let's not mention the police commissioners!).

So there's a real danger of a low turnout on 22 May.  But a low turnout risks very big wins for the obnoxious UKIP and the fascist BNP.

If you haven't watched it already, take the time to watch an LBC radio interviewer expose Nigel Farage:

UKIP is doing well in the polls by feeding on both anti-establishment feeling and anti-immigrant racism.  What the interview does so well is show how Farage and UKIP are in fact just as much part of the establishment themselves - a particularly nasty part of it.

We also have the BNP and other fascist groups standing around the country.  This is particularly important in the north-west, where we are currently represented in the European parliament by BNP fuhrer Nick Griffin.  He is getting vast amounts of our taxes to peddle his filth.  May 22 is a chance to make clear that he doesn't represent us and boot him out of the European parliament.

However uninspired you may feel by the other candidates, don't sit at home and end up being represented by fascists and xenophobes.  Turn out and vote.

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