Wednesday 12 July 2017

Unite Sector Conferences 2017

Later this year the National Retired Members and all Unite sectors will hold their conferences in Brighton. Each sector conferences determines a sector's own industrial policies provided that they are not inconsistent with the general policy and objectives of the Union - so they cannot deal with general policy or rules issues.

The timetable for the conferences is as follows:

  • Sunday 12 Nov: Retired Members. Docks, Rail, Ferries & Waterways
  • Monday 13 Nov: Civil Air Transport. Passenger Transport. Road Transport Commercial, Logistics & Retail Distribution. Food, Drink & Agriculture. Service Industries. Government, Defence, Prisons & Contractors
  • Tuesday 14 Nov: Local Authorities. Energy & Utilities. Education. Health. Community, Youth Workers & Not for Profit. Unite Construction, Allied Trades & Technicians. Finance & Legal.
  • Wednesday 15 Nov: Aerospace & Shipbuilding. Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Process & Textiles. Automotive Industry. Graphical, Paper, Media & Information Technology. Metals (including Foundry). General Engineering, Manufacturing & Servicing.
Delegates are normally expected to arrive the day before the conference to register, and delegates normally stay over after the conference to travel home the next day.

Each Regional Industrial Sector Committee (RISC) and National Industrial Sector Committee (NISC) is entitled to submit two motions to its sector's conference, which must be received by 20 October 2017. Delegates are normally elected from RISCs. Delegates' details must be received by 22 September 2017 (but in some cases this may need to be extended where elections from NISCs are required).

EC members are entitled to attend their own sector's conference as observers if they are not elected as delegates.

Sector conferences are only every two years, so don't miss the opportunity to set policy for your industrial sector. Even if you aren't on your RISC or NISC, there is nothing to stop you sending in a motion to your RISC and asking them to consider submitting it to the conference.

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