Friday 2 November 2007

UNITE NEC nominations

Last night my branch decided who to nominate for the UNITE NEC elections. We are nominating:

North-West Regional Seat:

  • Pat Coyne, Bamber Bridge 0056 branch, membership number 31216380

Women's Seats:
  • Jane Stewart, Levers 9704 branch, membership number 30269599
  • Louise Cousins, Leeds 0517 branch, membership number 32987372
  • Terri Miller, Delarue branch, membership number 32680603
  • Dawn McAllister, South Lanarkshire branch, membership number 32938535

Talking to workplace reps and shop stewards, there still seems to be massive confusion about how nominations work:
  1. Contact your Regional Office and request forms to nominate for your industrial sector and for the four women's seats
  2. Decide who you want to nominate and make sure you have their details
  3. Hold a meeting of the members you represent during November or December, which much endorse your nomination
  4. Fill in the nomination form and send it off
The process is summarised on the letter I've been sending to activists in the Electrical Engineering, Electronics & IT (EEE&IT) sector asking for support.

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