Sunday 24 February 2008

Agency & Temporary Workers

Great to see enough pressure applied to prevent the government talking out the Agency & Temporary Workers bill on Friday.

You wonder if the CBI have no shame, trotting out the same line that jobs will be lost as they did when they opposed the minimum wage. CBI bosses are famous, of course, for the way they put our jobs higher in their list of priorities than their profits. Where would we be without them to look out for our interests?

Particularly entertaining was their attempts to justify opposition by focusing on people who do multiple very short jobs for a variety of employers. We all know that many temps often work for months or years alongside "permanent" colleagues, but have less rights, less job security and usually worse pay and benefits.

We're far from home and dry on this issue though - let's not forget that it's only a couple of months since "our" government blocked the EU Directive on the issue.

Keep the pressure up!

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