Wednesday 23 July 2008

Future of the IT & Communications sector in UNITE

The new UNITE rulebook, on which members are voting at the moment, includes a new sector structure. The current Amicus "Electrical Engineering, Electronics & IT" sector which I represent on the UNITE EC is being replaced with an "Electrical Engineering & Electronics" sector and an "IT and Communications" sector.

The change is uncontentious, apart from the question of who ends up in the IT and Communications sector - there have been suggestions that managers from Royal Mail in the Communication Managers Association (CMA) would be put in this sector rather than in logistics, where (for example) members in DHL are.

The sector wasn't consulted about this in time to influence the rulebook, but the National Sector Conference last month passed motion 9 on the subject. On Monday 28th July I and a small delegation from the National Sector Committee will be meeting with Peter Skyte (our National Officer) and Les Bayliss (Assistant General Secretary) to see if we can find a way forward.

The UNITE EC has already confirmed most of the National Officer allocations for the new structure. Peter Skyte will cover IT & Communications, while John Rowse will cover Electrical Engineering & Electronics.

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