Thursday 31 July 2008

Glasgow and Warwick

Following the disastrous result for Labour in the Glasgow East by-election, UNITE issued a robust press release pointing out that it is New Labour policies being rejected by voters and our desperate need for change.

Perhaps it's not surprising that there's a distinct lack of comment from our union since the outcome of the "Warwick II" Policy Forum at the weekend. Press coverage has varied wildly, often with little apparent grounding in facts.

Most of the outcomes, like those from "Warwick I", wouldn't look amiss in an episode of Yes Minister - along the lines that we are firmly committed to considering the possibility of consulting about the idea of a review about X.

The only really tangible change seems to be a slight reduction in the number of young people who will be discriminated against through the National Minimum Wage, by making the adult rate available at 21 instead of 22.

But perhaps the most damning sign of how bad the agreement is the vague and feeble attempt by some to sing its praises. As an example, look at the UNISON press release.

The message to working people from Warwick must surely be "fight for your rights, don't put your hopes in Labour".

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