Saturday 4 October 2008

Bus workers step up pay fight

With "our" government egging on employers to hold wages down below inflation (making working people pay for an economic crisis we didn't cause), UNITE members working on the buses in London are picking up the challenge.

Thanks to privatisation, not only are services fragmented, but so are terms and conditions. UNITE is coordinating action between the various bus companies, stepping up a fight for a London-wide pay rate.

A hefty 88% majority of UNITE members at Metroline (and there are 2500 of them) voted to join with the 2500 members at other companies already taking action. More companies are being balloted in time to join action planned for 22nd October.

Just as with Shell, a good win here can send ripples across the working class, raising confidence that there is an alternative to accepting real-terms pay-cuts.

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