Wednesday 15 October 2008

Letter about UNITE Joint General Secretary election

A letter has been sent out to UNITE (Amicus Section) branches, chapels and workplace representatives explaining the process for the election for the Joint General Secretary.

If my email and phone are anything to go by, the union is a flurry of speculation about potential candidates and what it all means.

Anyone on the left should be at the Amicus Unity Gazette national meeting on 1st November where I hope we will hear from all the potential left candidates and all agree to unite behind a good one. Nomination meetings must be held in November or December, so this should be in good time to maximise the campaign.

Whoever the left backs, we must try to ensure the contest doesn't get bogged down with personalities or power squabbles at the top, or for that matter with "tribal" allegiances to unions which no longer exist, but focuses on genuine debates about the future direction of UNITE, the response to the economic crisis etc.

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Anonymous said...

I have just been to a Branch meeting and not one person knew about the present fiasco. When the bubble bursts there will be "hell to pay". Why on earth does the GS not go to Jerry, buy him a pint and stop this madness before we have no money left. Branches have just had correspondence starting a catalogue of needless expense. I thought we were all on the same side. Most members are struggling with their jobs and now the "Credit Crunch". Here we are about to tear ourselves apart. We also have Mandellson back with everything that that entails. Come on Derek, lets get back to fighting the real enemy, or have you forgotten how.