Thursday 25 April 2013

Building on the 80,000 votes for Jerry Hicks

Whoever you supported in the General Secretary election, the 80,000 votes (36%) for Jerry Hicks should be immensely encouraging for anyone who wants to see UNITE as a genuine "fighting back" union.

McCluskey is widely seen as a left union leader - his radical speeches have a high profile and he has introduced a number of positive changes in UNITE since taking office.  That such a large number of UNITE members wanted something more than this should encourage everyone who wants a more member-led union, a more serious fight against austerity and a relationship with Labour where members get something for their money.

Jerry and his supporters have begun organising meetings round the country to discuss how to build on the magnificent vote - details are being posted here on Jerry's web site.  The discussions at regional meetings will be followed by a national meeting in London on Saturday 25th May.  Join the discussions!

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