Saturday 13 April 2013

UNITE election result out - Len won, but 79819 votes for Jerry!

The result won't be formally declared until an Executive Council meeting on 24th April, but the results are now known:

Jerry Hicks: 79,819 (36%)

Len McCluskey: 144,570 (64%) - ELECTED

Valid votes: 224,389

Total votes returned: 225,801
Voting papers sent out: 1,485,079
Turnout: 15.2%


Anonymous said...

so what now for hicks? stay unelected to any posistion in unite? run again in a few years,presumably just cos he can?

Ian said...

Here is Jerry's statement on "what next".

I do think it's out of order attacking a victimised and blacklisted worker for not holding office in the union when our rules debar him from most positions.

By contrast it's to Jerry's credit that (unlike anonymous) his "what next" focuses on what UNITE members need to fight to defend ourselves against austerity, rather than his own position.