Wednesday 12 March 2008

Not got your ballot paper?

If you're a UNITE (Amicus section) member, today is the day from which you should be complaining if you haven't had your ballot paper for the Executive Council elections.

Amicus section members
As the union's web site explains, there are a few exceptions.

You won't get a ballot paper if:

  1. You joined on 4th February 2008 or later, or
  2. You are a retired member and your regional seat is uncontested: South West, West Midlands, Scotland and Wales
Otherwise, if you haven't had one or more ballot papers, you should contact the Membership Department on 0845 8504242 (UK) or 1890 946241 (Ireland).

TGWU section members
You should complain if you haven't received a ballot paper by 18th March. The union web site explains the criteria etc.

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