Monday 3 March 2008

UNITE NEC Election - Voting Opens

Today is the first day of voting in the elections for UNITE's first Executive Council, so members should start receiving ballot papers now.

The pattern with all postal ballots is that most people vote straight away - or not at all, so the higher the profile of the election within each workplace the better.

For more information about the elections (and the candidates I'm supporting), please see my previous posts or

Voting is taking place in both the Amicus and TGWU sections of UNITE, but information about candidates in the TGWU section is hard to come by.

Amicus section members who joined before 4 February 2008 (except retired members in the South West, West Midlands, Scotland and Wales regions) and who have not received a voting paper by Wednesday 12 March 2008 should contact the Membership Department on 0845 8504242 (UK) or 1890 946241 (Ireland). The Amicus web site includes more information about which ballot papers you should receive (towards the bottom of the page).

TGWU section members who haven't received a ballot paper by 18 March should contact the T&G section ballot enquiry service on 0800 374 461. For members in the Republic of Ireland the number is 1800 535 141.

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