Wednesday 5 March 2008

UNITE NEC elections - TGWU side

While the list of nominations for the 40 Amicus section seats on the new UNITE Executive Council is published on the union web site, trying to find out who's standing for the 40 TGWU section seats is more difficult.

I wouldn't guarantee it's accurate, but the rumour is that a massive 25 of the 40 seats were elected unopposed - apparently by candidates backed by the TGWU Broad Left.

I believe there are still contests in:

  • Civil Air Transport
  • Docks & Waterways
  • Food, Drink & Tobacco
  • Passenger Transport
  • Road Transport (Commercial)
  • Region 1 (South East & East Anglia)
  • Region 4 (Wales)
  • Region 5 (Southern)
  • Region 8 (North & North-East)
  • National Black And Ethnic Minority
Whichever section of UNITE you're in - if you get a vote - USE IT.

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