Wednesday 10 October 2007

600 jobs scrapped at Atmel, North Tyneside

The news that Atmel plans to close its North Tyneside chip plant gets widespread coverage in the media - here's the BBC report.

Losing your job at any time is hard, but losing it at the same time as all your colleagues who will all be chasing the same few jobs is even worse. How many will be forced into "McJobs" like so many before them who've lost out as manufacturing jobs have been devastated?

Atmel got a grant of £19.9m from the DTI to take over the site seven years ago, and demands are growing that they should be forced to pay it back.

Atmel refused to recognise the union and they admit that the closure was to reduce costs and increase profits.

We must build the union across our sector if we're to have any chance of stopping the jobs massacre in both manufacturing and services.

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