Tuesday 9 October 2007

Trade Union Freedom Bill

Now that it seems Brown isn't calling an autumn election after all, I hope that the Trade Union Freedom Bill can get its second reading as planned on 19th October.

Last time the bill came up, it was talked out (along with the Agency workers Bill) by Jim Fitzpatrick MP - supposedly part of our own Amicus parliamentary group!

The bill proposes to:

  • Improve protection for those participating in lawful industrial action.
  • Modernise the law to accommodate labour market changes.
  • Simplify notice and balloting rules to reduce overly bureaucratic restrictions, while retaining the need for a ballot.
  • Amend the law so that employers are only granted an injunction when they have shown that they are more likely to succeed in court than the union.
This is a long way short of repeal of all the anti-union laws, but at least a step in the right direction.

There's useful campaign information on many web sites including:
  • www.unitedcampaign.org.uk (including plans for a rally on 18th October
  • www.fightingunions.org.uk (including a postcard you can send your MP on the resources page)

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