Wednesday 17 October 2007

Manufacturing Lobby

Today saw UNITE staging a lobby of MPs at the House of Commons in defence of manufacturing jobs.

To coincide with this, the union put out a press release highlighting the impact of government procurement policy, which doesn't take into account the economic impact of decisions.

This article from The Journal in the north-east highlights the Spennymoor Electrolux plant, which is under threat as the company considers moving production to Eastern Europe.

The government seems more interested in keeping a few "non-domiciled" billionaires in the country than hundreds of thousands of manufacturing and service sector jobs.

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jjc26 said...

I have just returned from a meeting with the reps who lobbied M,P,s at the manufacturing rally.they have asked me to raise the review of the spennymoor site at theNSC meeting next week(8/11)I will be bringing info to give the meeting a brief on the state of play and asking for any support or ideas to help the reps a spennymoor.JohnClark Electrolux Newton Aycliffe