Wednesday 9 January 2008

EEE&IT conferences

The Amicus structure is mainly based on workplace representatives / stewards taking part in industrial sector conferences and committees, so it's vital that as many reps as possible take part in the next round of Regional Sector Conferences which take place between January and March 2008. These are intended to be the foundations of our union's democracy.

Amongst other things, these will be able to fill vacancies in Regional Sector Committees, Regional Councils and the delegation to the National Sector Conference. With reps being unable to attend these meetings if they lose their positions (whether by being unelected by the members or due to losing their job) it's inevitable that they're getting a bit thin on the ground after a two year term of office.

Please do all you can to ensure a good turnout for the conferences. I thought it would be helpful to start to gather together the dates of them all, as invitations for many haven't gone out yet.

The National Sector Conference for EEE&IT (Electrical Engineering, Electronics & IT) will be Friday 6th June (other sectors, see here).

The EEE&IT Regional Sector Conferences are:

  • North East: Thursday 17th January (am, Murton, County Durham)
  • Wales: Monday 21st January (am, Cardiff)
  • South West: Monday 21st January (pm, Bristol)
  • Scotland: Tuesday 29th January (11am, Glasgow)
  • Yorkshire & Humberside: Wednesday 30th January (10:30am, Wakefield)
  • North West: Thursday 31st January (11am, Prestwich, Manchester)
  • East Midlands: Thursday 7th February (10am, Derby)
  • West Midlands: Thursday 7th February (2:30pm, West Bromwich)
  • Ireland: Wednesday 13th February (Belfast)
  • South East: Monday 18th February (10am, Maidstone)
  • London & Eastern: Wednesday 20th February (10:30am, Moreland Street, London)
If you are a steward or workplace rep (not H&S rep or ULR) in the sector and don't get an invitation, you should contact your Regional Office. Regional Office contact details are on the union web site.

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Anonymous said...

Ian mate you already have the date for EE & IT sector North East its Jaunuary 17th would be good if you could attend so we can meet up. take Care John