Tuesday 22 January 2008

Brown - a let down - on housing too

When people at the top of various unions were scrabbling round for justifications for backing Gordon Brown's coronation as Labour leader, heavy hints were dropped that he would make big changes on council housing. Many people found it plausible, given that many "Brownites" had backed the Defend Council Housing campaign.

I guess some people must be feeling pretty let down by the reality, which is starkly spelt out in a UNITE press release "The need for new council housing has been completely overlooked in the new Housing and Regeneration Bill".

At a time when sub-prime mortgage problems in the US are sending shock waves across the world economy and our dependence on credit is in question, the case for good quality, publicly owned, affordable housing seems almost irresistable. It seems that Brown needs to see the argument of our force as well as the force of our argument...

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