Friday 11 January 2008

Comeuppance for Clarkson

One comedian this week described Jeremy Clarkson as having opinions unencumbered by fact - his own take on events was "I was wrong and I have been punished".

He'd used his column in The Sun to rubbish the furore over the loss of the HMRC data disks, claiming it was a fuss about nothing. To make his point, he released similar information about himself as had been contained on the disks about millions of others. He believed that it would only allow people to put money into his bank account, not take it out.

Some bright spark used the data to set up a Direct Debit from his account to charity - making a point even more powerfully than Clarkson himself had.

Fraudsters' wit seems high on the news at the moment - with the news the Barclays Bank boss Marcus Agius fell victim when someone got a Barclaycard in his name and took £10,000.

Let's hope that the recent data-disasters lead organisations to value their data more highly - and the people they rely on to manage and protect it.

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