Tuesday 22 January 2008

Manchester Area Activists Meetings

Tonight I attended the Amicus section's Manchester Area Committee, which meets between the full Area Activists' Quarterlies, which all workplace reps and lay branch officers are entitled to attend.

We were grappling with how to involve more people and to encourage more campaigning in the Greater Manchester Area.

We agreed dates for the rest of 2008 [PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE DATES NO LONGER APPLY]:

Quarterly meeting, 7pmCommittee meeting, 6pm
12th February11th March
29th April17th June
22nd July9th September
21st October2nd December

All meetings take place at the UNITE/Amicus Prestwich office.

We decided to have a main theme for each of the Quarterlies, and to use these to help us work systematically to target particular parts of the union structure to seek more involvement.

At the February Quarterly meeting we want to get a speaker from the campaign against the closure of Rolls Royce Bootle and someone from Abortion Rights UK. While we want to put some effort into encouraging more women activists to attend, the attacks on abortion rights are an issue for all trade unionists.

At the April Quarterly meeting, we want to have a discussion about the impact of the Credit Crunch. This affects us all, but presents an opportunity to get more people from the Finance sector (the biggest in the Amicus section of UNITE) to take part.

At the July Quarterly meeting, we hope to have a discussion about the proposed new UNITE rulebook. It would be particularly interesting if we could get some colleagues from the TGWU to come along as guests.

We also discussed doing some work to map the membership and potential membership in the Manchester area, so the Quarterly meetings can help the union to grow.

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