Wednesday 9 January 2008

Photronics UK win union recognition

I hear that UNITE has won the ballot for union recognition at the Trafford Park (Manchester) site of Photronics UK Ltd, which supplies masks to the semiconductor industry. Photronics had previously derecognised the union and contested the case at the Central Arbitration Committee (CAC).

Congratulations to members at Photronics!


Anonymous said...

Yes, And the company management are acting like kids who lost an argument and want all their toys back!
Placing every obstacle (legally) in the path of pay negotiations and continuing Union relations.

Tammy said...

And now the union's tactics have resulted in the company closing the facility and relocating to China. If ever this was a testament to winning a battle, but losing a war, this is it!

Ian said...

Unions don't close plants, companies do.
Tammy - I don't know who you are, but your comment seems more political than factual.
The idea that it would be right to close a plant because the management had to talk to the workforce is utterly absurd.
As it happens, Photronics are not saying the decision has anything to do with the union.
Looks more like another step in the long erosion of the UK manufacturing base.
In the current economic climate there are many people competing for "the blame" for job losses, but I really don't think the union is in the running!